It may take a minute or two for the music to play & is worth the wait.


The words to the music, tell you what I need to say:

You must know, life will be this way.

In my heart you stay, my love for you remains.

With my deepest relections of you, with sincerity, always...

This was sent to you from someone who loves you deeply & always will.

Music is by The Vogues: "You're the One"
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When you send this Greeting,
merely uncheck what you do not want to receive.

Author: AnnaHappy
Graphics: AnnaHappy Graphics

AnnaHappy Card Shoppe Copyright 2002.


Forgiveness is important, yet so difficult for some.

Forgiveness can save intense heartache,
especially when we find the person, whom needs our forgiveness,
craved and wanted our forgiveness from the start.

If you do not forgive, allowing your offender a second chance,
you may ruin your life and their's, along with someone else's.

Some never repeat their transgression.

If you allow their transgression to rule your thoughts and heart,
your heart and their's will grieve, perhaps all of your lives...


What you see, may not be as it appears.
"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."


Ignore the advice of others, regarding another's transgression.
The person giving you advice may have hidden, wrongful, illogical or
preconceived reasons for verbalizing their "advice" or comments.



{ If that person's transgression toward you is physically abusive: RUN! }

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