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Welcome to

Enjoy Your Visit Here.

Matthew 7:7   Live it!

We join together in offering friendship, caring,
moral support & comfort to fellow Christians and
all others who need a friend, wish to share in Christ,
or need some comfort or a Spiritual lift from time to time.

Your religious denomination does not matter.
We join together in upholding God.

Below, you will find Bible Study Tools.

We believe in "Faith, Charity and Hope".

Member Rules

Anyone may join this club.

We will not tolerate: bad language or materials
directed offensively toward persons or groups.

Our members with Web Sites are invited
to place our banner on their web sites.

There will be no members sites allowed that
are of a pornographic or unkind content.

Please, E-Mail me with your Web Site URL,
for the banner and the HTML code to place on your pages,

Have a beautifully blessed day!


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