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Song:  "Love Me Tender"

Thinking of You With Love

A one way love can never thrive;
It needs reciprocation.
And so in order to survive
My love needs affirmation.

So throw your caution to the sky
And let your heart command.
You'll find that it will not deny
A love which must expand.

Come now, to me, with open arms
And sweep me off my feet;
And then display for me your charms,
To make my love complete.

My one way love will terminate
Without your inspiration.
So, therefore, please reciprocate
With no more hesitation.

Author unknown

I Love You
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love puts the fun in together
The sad in apart
The hope in tomorrow
The joy in a heart

This Greeting was created with Love by
  AnnaHappy Card Shoppe

When you send this Greeting,
merely uncheck what you do not want to receive.

Author: My Friend, Donna of Rainbow Connextion
Graphics: AnnaHappy Graphics Copyright

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