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Valentine Greetings


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Happy Valentine's Day to My Prince

Happy Valentine's Day to My Dear Friend

Victorian Valentine Greeting of Love

Happy Valentine's Day to My Real Friend, SnowGlobe

Valentine Angel, Java Applet, Religious

Thinking of You With Love: Reciprocate My Love

Cinderella in Coach: May Your Dreams Come True

Happy Valentine's Day, My Love...Forever, I am Yours

So Many Things I Love about You

Valentine Blessings for you, I pray

Cinderella in Mirror Valentine

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Valentine, SnowGlobe by Suzie SG

Winnie the Pooh Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to You, SnowGlobe by Suzie SG

Love is Like a Butterfly

Happy Valentine's Day to MY SPECIAL FRIEND!

Happy Valentine's Day, MY Love!

Happy Valentine's Day to the One I Love

A Valentine Greeting for You! Snow Globe by Suzie SG

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