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Flag: Memorial for those who died September 11, 2001

In Memory of The Lives Lost in America


May God Bless the United States and
all Home Lands of the persons
who lost their lives so tragically.

As we mourn our lost loved ones, friends, co-workers,
rescue workers and more, we are praying for peace to
reign in America and that the proper justice comes
upon those criminals who attacked America.

We hand this dreadful situation to God and pray for those
left behind, without their loved ones, friends and co-workers.

May justice and peace set upon all of us, once again
and may God take control of The United States of America!

Our hearts go out to you, who lost your
brave, valuable and precious loved ones.

May God Grant all of us the strength, wisdom
and courage to go on, in spite of this tragedy;
as we continue to pray for the loved ones, families
& friends of those peoples whom were lost in the attack.



We shall remember all of you:
Our lost and injured, due to this Attack on America.


We remember you!

This candle burns eternally,
in Memory of
American and World Wide Beloved Persons,
who perished in the
Attack on America:
Tuesday, September 11, 2001
and for
The Police, Firefighters, Resue Workers and Volunteers who lost their
lives, with heroic efforts, attempting to save those whom were attacked.



May God Bless and Keep You.




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